Resume credentials verifiable in real-time for job seekers, recruiters & employers

A leading innovator in HR technology, Workwolf is making hiring more efficient and beneficial for all involved. Alongside leaders in business Dan Shea and Ron Leith, I co-founded Workwolf in 2017 to solve for the $660 billion lost per year in mis-hires due to using inaccurate information to make critical hiring decisions. From there, our platform grew into an all-in-one automated filtration and applicant verification system to make hiring more equitable and effective than ever before.

An award-winning company in blockchain, automation, and innovation

In just half a year, Workwolf has been recognized for its use of blockchain to store and decentralize user data, its automated process of filtering candidates via artificial intelligence, and its innovative techniques of disrupting the hiring cycle to create one process that solves all friction points for employers, recruiters, and job seekers alike. Workwolf’s Packfinder and Digital Work Passport is changing the employment market for the better once and for all.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some of our loyal and happy partners in HR solutions: