I’m Erik, an entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder from Toronto, Ontario. I’m also a dad to two wonderful children and a dedicated husband. I’m passionate about start-ups, the employment market, and building high performance teams, profitable businesses, and secure strong market positions from scratch.

Erik Simins

Erik Simins
Erik Simins at Workwolf's headquarters

Alongside Dan Shea and Ron Leith, I co-founded Workwolf, a Toronto-based start-up that is disrupting traditional hiring cycles to automate and improve time to hire via our two-phase hiring process and Digital Work Passport.


I’m also the president and founder of MAGNUS HRS, a healthcare recruitment solutions company with over 150 enterprise clients.

Erik Simins at Magnus


Skip the Line With Your Digital Work PassportJob seekers
March 24, 2021

Skip the Line With Your Digital Work Passport

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How Blockchain is Changing the Recruitment Process

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Why Education Background Checks are More Important Now Than Ever

Inauthentic hires can lose or misuse data, lose clients, or even accidentally injure someone on the job.
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How Verified Credentials Make Hiring More Effective

Validated credentials can make hiring the right candidate faster and more effective for everyone involved.
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