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Why use Workwolf?

Automate your hiring process to find better candidates sooner

Created By HR Professionals

Workwolf is founded and lead by HR and recruiting specialists who have overseen thousands of hiring cycles and have seen the same friction points: waiting weeks and weeks for background checks to come back clear, spending time and effort to hire a candidate based on their self-proclaimed resume, and hiring the wrong candidates based on unreliable data.

Automate your hiring process to find better candidates sooner

Your Perfect Career

We have clients who have easily integrated our business platform and our complementary career fit assessment, Packfinder, into their current hiring process and will never go back to hiring without us again. Workwolf works with your existing hiring techniques and uses personalized techniques to give you a customized solution for your hiring and recruiting needs.

Automate your hiring process to find better candidates sooner

Tamper-proof Verification

Our platform uses blockchain technology to allow you to own and store your confidential information securely in a way that’s tamper-proof. That means you can trust your data is safe from those who want to view it, like employers or recruiters, and those who want to view it know they can trust you.

"Workwolf will transform the way we conduct recruiting. I love how their Digital Work Passport helps to identify and qualify top talent while saving time and money."

Charmaine ThomasHR Manager, Javelin

"The Digital Work Passport is a game changer in the field of talent acquisition. It delivers efficiency, better filtration, faster verification, improved data quality and equally important, a better experience for our candidates."

Eva HajtkoHuman Resources Leader, Dentsply Sirona

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Predict your candidates' success in any position with Packfinder, our career fit assessment. You can use our benchmarks or create your owns.


Instead of doing a background check at the offer stage, pre-clear your top candidates during interviews.

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