Erik Simins

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A little something about me written in New York’s Press M:

“He’ll have tea with the Queen then kicks the sh$t out of the gaurds”. A pretty boy who’d be happy to rumble with the best of them. There’s no joke about this talent from Toronto Canada. He’s a 2010 renaissance man who’s got 70’s funk in his licks and today’s soul in his chops. The beats of John Anthony, wrap his next album that I was lucky enough to preview in the studio with “e”. Fans can also get a preview on Erik’s MySpace site. His latest single released by BluePie "Lets Roll" is seriously OldSkool, almost on a 80’s pop tip, sampling ‘locomotion’ like sounds and Sly Fox 808 beats. This is the third single from his first album "Please do not disturb".

His fan base continues to grow as Blue Pie is emerging across the globe as a leader in digital music distribution. Erik Simins as one of their lead artists is getting a serious push through on line promo and a follow up tour for the new album scheduled for down under in 2010.  Reviewing the album which is fully released on iTunes and available all over the world, it is FULL. It took me to back to the days of crying over my first love in early highschool with “This Time”, to partying in my early 20’s with my girls with “Yesterday”, to playing hooky last Monday and spending the day in bed with ‘Ablerto’ who’s visiting from Italy with “Rainy Monday”. The hooks are contagious and left me singing “All at your Parent’s House” for about a week. I realized I hadn’t made out with a guy at my parent’s house for about 10 years, but who cares… the song is wicked!

Ashleigh Hubbord, Press M – 2009

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